Specialising in Healthcare and Mixed Use Developments

LSP considers itself a niche developer within specialist markets, having the experience and relationships with end users to create well designed and vibrant schemes.

We work in partnership with a range of clients, land owners and house builders; listening to their aspirations before working up a development. We find open collaboration between the various stakeholders enables the right facilities to be procured and delivered for the wider community.

Mixed Use Developments

Client focused developments for both the public and private sectors, delivering bespoke solutions.

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Healthcare Developments

A genuine partnership approach to healthcare premises development in England and Wales.

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We are looking for Local/District Centre sites in prominent locations, relative to main road networks/new housing developments or urban extensions. Our preference is for sites ranging from 0.3 – 3 acres for uses to include retail, children’s day nursery, primary care and care home/extra care.
If you have anything of interest please contact us on the link below.