Wixams Town Centre Community Hub

Engagement Questionnaire

The Community Hub will complement the existing Lakeview Community Centre in Village 1, which is an extremely well-used facility. The proposition with the Hub is not to duplicate, but enhance the community facilities for the Wixams resident population.

The plans provided are an indicative layout as to what the Hub can facilitate. Providing it at the heart of the Town Centre, helps create focus and an all important ‘sense of place’. Ensuring the space is multi-functional is an important aspect, enabling it to cater for a range of functions. To that end, the building is accessible from front and rear, with good access whether by foot, cycle, car or bus. The front atrium of the building will open out onto the Town Square, providing scope for markets and town functions. The goal is to have something that local people can use now, but also adapts and changes as more people move to Wixams and have ideas of what it should be like.

We want to start by asking you what you would like to see and how you might use the new building. There are a range of questions that should take a few minutes to complete. Your answers will help formulate the plans for the Community Hub. You can choose to answer what questions you like and are not obliged to disclose personal information. The Engagement will run from 4th May – 1st June 2022.

Q1: What does it feel like living in the community at Wixams?


Q2: What do you hope it will be like to live in Wixams in the future as the Town evolves?


Q3: Which of the below do you think the proposed Community Hub could help with as Wixams gets bigger and more people live there? (Tick all that apply)

Other comments (please write in)

Q4: What would you like to see in your Community Hub? (Tick all that apply)

Other (please write in):

Q5: If organisations and groups could run services at the centre, what would be useful to you? (Tick all that apply)

Other (please write in):

Q6: What activities would you like to be involved in? (Tick all that apply)

Other (please write in):

Q7: Have you used any Local Community Centres in the last 6 months? If so, please tell us which centre you have used?


Q8: What do you use it for and how many hours a week?


Q9: What time of day would you like to use the Community Hub? (Tick all that apply)

Q10: Would you be interested in being part of the body that runs the Community Hub e.g. r via a community enterprise or a charitable concern?

If yes, please leave contact details:

Q11: Thinking about the proposed library;

In the last year, how many times have you accessed library services, either virtually or in person)?

If yes, which libraries have you visited? (please write in):

Which of the below have you ever used at a Bedfordshire Library? Please select all that apply;

Which of the following would you like to see provided by the library?

Other (please write in):

Have you moved to Wixams in the last 12 months?

Are you?

What age group are you in?

Do you consider yourself disabled?

Additional Comments